Forrester 2020 > Rethink Investments, rebalacing and rethinking Services & Creativity



Participei na edição de 2020 do webinar da Forrester ´2020 predictions´,
com a equipa da Forrester , incluindo o seu CEO, a desenhar uma previsão de tendÊncias de mercado e dinâmicas ´business 2020´, eminentemente uma visão nas techs, IT e privacidade gprd, e ainda como o marketing se deverá posicionar nestes desafios para a nova década.
A complimentary Forrester online event – Join Forrester thought leaders to explore the dynamics that will shape 2020 Reinforce of foundations-bold visions turn to pragmatism
(very turbullent 2020)
to capitalize on the opportunity ahead new dynamics2020.
Agenda começou com foco no cliente sob o tema ´customers-forcing brands to evolve their purpose´with focus on a customer puzzle: customer higher level of satisfaction ever before, but on the other hand not happier in day to day lives > this challenge in 2020 of a consumer asking themselves, ´am i better person?´and consumer will consider the values of companies, what purpose, what values, meaning when they make purchases and on work how authenticly companys present them selves?
Focou-sed também nas ´new technologies 2020´, tais como facial recognition, video data, computer vision, image data, privace management software, and need of a guidance to help capitalise with this potential energy. Positivo!


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